Vehicles Vehicles: 1979 Jeep CJ-5, 1968 Ford Ranch Wagon, 1991 Honda Wagon, 1993 Honda Wagon, 1990 Jeep YJ

Trail: Holy Cross, Shrine Pass, broken U-bolt
Trail: McClellan Mountain, Greys Peak trailhead, fall colors
Trail & More: Fall Cleanup Run (Barbour Fork) & long-drive-home / Mullen fire
Tech: 1993 Honda Accord ignition switch failure/diagnosis/replacement
Trail: Webster Pass, Red Cone Mountain, Radical Hill, Deer Creek
C to C 2020 - Five days of mountain gold mine relics exploration and camping
Trail: Moody Hill, Monument Gulch, Old Flowers Road
Trail: Medano Pass, Great Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls
Trail: North Switzerland trail, Pennsylvania Gulch, Ironclads, Bunce School Road
Tech: 1993 Honda - Lower Ball Joint failure - slow parking lot speed
Trail: Miller Rock - quad removal project turned into a free day to explore
Trail: Miller Rock with the burned quad
Trail: Pawnee National Grasslands - West
Trail: Sevenmile Creek
Sunday Drive - 80c through Cherokee Park to Laramie and WY-34 over Morton Pass
Trail: Bunce School Road & Ironclads. Wonderfully snow laden pine trees.
Trail: Switzerland north with Cliffhanger 2.0
Tech: 1993 Honda distributor replacement / story
Trail: Moab 2019 - Fins-n-Things, Secret Spire, Dellenbaugh Tunnel, Rainbow Terrace, Elephant Hill, Hurrah Pass, Lockhart Basin, Lockhart Canyon
Trail: Pole Hill at Sunset
Trail: Deer Creek, Saints John, Peru Creek, Cinnamon Gulch
MarkC - Red Rocks, Adams Lake
Trail cleanup & scout Adams Lake
Trail: Storm Mountain - full eastern trails visit
MarkM & Diann are visiting. Mesa Verde, Silverton 4x4 and train ride. Also CR12 west of Crested Butte
Trail: Pole Hill (clockwise), Pierson Park - North, Storm Mountain - eastern
Trail: China Wall - 4x4 group's "Anniversary Run"
Trail: Chinaman Gulch - At the more difficult end for my jeep
Trail: Kelly Flats - full through east to west.
Odometer Moment - 93 Honda turns 300,000 miles
Trail: Miller Rock - Phillip is in from Texas
Trail: Penrose trail system - Independence / Patriot / Liberty - as a passenger
Trail: Anniversary Run - Little Moab
Trail: Miller Rock's expanded trail set - visit #1
Trail: MOAB 2018!  Poison Spider, Golden Spike (partial), Where Eagles Dare, Hell's Revenge, Porcupine Rim, Top of the World, Castleton / Castle Valley to Gateway
Trail: Button Rock, Johnny Park, Pierson Park South, Pierson Park North. Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park.
Trail: Rollins Pass WEST
Trail: Argentine & McClellan mountains - All Spurs Day
Trail: Lake Irene, Stillwater Pass, assorted CO-125 short trails, a couple moose
Tech: Jeep power inverter mounting
Trail: Kingston Peak & Yahnkee Hill
Trail: Devil's Canyon cleanup run
Trail: Wheeler Lake with Mary Beth
Trail: Red Cone > Webster Pass > Radical Hill > Saints John - scant few photos
Trail: Button Rock spur, Johnny Park, Pierson Park South, Pole Hill - Jeep Odometer Moments - 177777.1 & .7
Trail: Crystal Mountain (TH to gate); Ballard Road; Greer East
Trail: Pickle Gulch
Trail: Miller Rock - exploring the trail system
Trail: Miller Rock with Max and Matt (tie rod carnage)
A Sunday drive on a 19 mile dead end road - Crown Point Road - and the Medicine Bow Mountains
Fall Midwest trip with a side jaunt to Lubbock TX and a trek around Lake Michigan
Trail: Red Cone to Webster Pass with Geneva Creek added on. Helping others.
Trail: Argentine Pass & McClellan Mountain
Trail: Sevenmile Creek & Bald Mountain - the eastern two (of three) "Mud Loop" trails
Tech: 1990 Jeep Wrangler AX-15 transmission fluid fill via body drain plug
Trail: Evening visit to Moody Hill's Quarry
Trail: Storm Mountain, Storm Drain (mostly), 153b northewestward
Trail: Red Elephant, Mill Creek, Bill Moore Lake
Trail: Barbour Fork "shakedown run" for the CJ-8
Trail: Pierson Park South - Limb Trim
Trail: Johnny Park & Pierson Park South
Trail: Greer Road North (44-H / Pennock Pass area)
Trail: Devils Canyon cleanup with Fletcher
Trail: Red Cone, Radical Hill, Saints John with a Montezuma exit
Trail: Spring cleanup at Barbor Fork
Rocky Mountain National Park - the mountains have a new coat of snow.
Spring snow!!
Trail: Kelly Flats (full trail) & Sevenmile Creek with Alex and friend.
Trail: Five days in southwest Colorado - FANTASTIC SCENERY!
Trail: T-33a & Park Creek
Afternoon ride up County Road 44H
2015-05-09 Rocky Mountain National Park - Endovalley Picnic ground - Fall River (on a grey, snowmelting day)
2015-02-14 Trail: Bunce School Road & Ironclads
2014-12-14 Trail: Sevenmile Creek
2014-11-08 Trail: Middle St. Vrain & Coney Flats
2014-09-20 Trail: Devil's Canyon - fall trail cleanup
Trail: Peak 10 & Mosquito Pass
2014-06-28 Trail: Pole Hill and Johnny Park (west to east)
2014-06-25 Hail Storm remnants
2014-06-21 Trail: Trail cleanup day - Barbour Fork
2014-05-31 Trail: North Sand Hills, Hohnholz Lakes trail, Sand Hills Road trail, Michigan River trail
2014-05-26 Trail: T-33a for additional tree clearing - a good job done
2014-05-24 Trail: T-33a at night, rain and lightning, tree clearing
2014-05-11 Spring snow!!
2014-03-08 Trail: China Wall
2013-11-16 Trail: Pole Hill tree removal - remove the BIG tree from across the trail. Electric chain saw and winch put to use.
2013-11-10 Trail: Pole Hill with tree clearing
2013-10-02 Trip to DeBeque CO for some weed mowing - some Colorado River Valley between Dotsero and Kremmling
2013-08-31 Trail: Kelly Flats - naught for two (fuel pump outage - again - arg)
2013-08-24 Trail: Argentine Pass & Santiago Mine
2013-08-17 Trail: Moody Hill east to west & Crystal Mountain to the playground (not the peak)  No pictures. Only two vid's
2013-08-04 Trail: Kelly Flats (partial) & Red Feather Lakes / Lost Lake / Creedmore Lakes
2013-06-29 Trail: Johnny Park & Celebration of Life for Peter (Brody)
2013-06-09 Trail: Lefthand Canyon - abandoned vehicle photos and dead-end trail viewing for removal + flat tire
2013-05-27 Trail: Memorial Day 2013 - Bright Trail (Taylor Mountain) & Miller Rock
2013-05-26 Trail: Vehicle extraction from Red Elephant Hill
2013-05-24 Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park... just opened for the season - large snowcuts
2013-04-27 (need to complete) Trail: Dry St. Vrain, Miller Rock, Rock Creek
2013-04-17 Post snowfall photos. Right at 24" of snow in town over the last couple days.
2012-11-24 Trail: Moody Hill & Crystal Mountain
2012-11-03 Trail: Rock Creek with Rob
2012-10-11 Luke to Colorado. Some fence work at his DeBeque property along with some jeep trail sights.
2012-10-06 Trail: Middle Saint Vrain & Coney Flats
2012-09-09 Trail: Red Cone & Radical Hill with Ray and family & friend. Fantastic photos!
2012-09-08 Trail: Fall cleanup day for the sponsored trails. I'll join the Devil's Canyon group.
2012-08-06 Tech: Jeep's hand throttle setup
2012-07-13 Trail: Illinois's "The Cliffs Insane Terrain" with Ken
2012-06-24 Trail: Barbour Fork & Devil's Canyon - trail cleanup event
2012-06-09 Halligan Reservoir & High Park forest fire images
2012-06-03 Trail: Bunce School & T-33a Airplane crash site
2012-05-19 Trail: Pole Hill, Pierson Park, Rock Creek
2012-04-12 Trail: Sevenmile Creek
2012-03-31 Trail: Miller Rock
2012-02-26 Trail: Lefthand Canyon, Fireman Hill, Castle Gulch (the start of)
2012-01-15 Trail: Seven Mile Creek
2011-12-10 Trail: Bunce School Road for "Profile Photos" and a short bit of Rock Creek
2011-12-04 Trail: Bunce School Road, Ironclads, Rock Creek - all in the snow, only partial visits to each trail (due to heavy snow).
2011-11-28 Death Valley National Park - Stovepipe Wells resort - windstorm
2011-11-06 Trail: Johnny Park Road (end to end)
2011-10-29 Trail: Moody Hill
2011-10-26 Short stay at the Y of the Rockies, with family, through a wonderful early season snowfall
2011-10-13 Trail: Lefthand Canyon - Big Momma Hill
2011-10-09 Trail: Johnny Park Road
2011-09-25 Trail: Middle St. Vrain & Coney Flats trails
2011-09-01 Trail: First drive with the new-to-me Jeep - head out to Old Flowers Road. I "started" this road with the car some time back and found it needed more clearance. The Jeep should find the road no issue.
2010-08-15 Long Draw Reservoir, Upper Michigan Ditch #2 with Lake Agnes
2010-08-08 Big South Trail, Upper Michigan Ditch #1, Snowy Range (area)
2010-05-15 Halligan Reservoir
TECH: 1993 Honda Accord station wagon - engine balance shaft & timing belt checks and alignments.
A trip "around-the-block" with a bunch of snow cap'd peaks tossed in.
2009-04-04 Post snowfall trees and scenery
2009-02-07 Mountain Clouds, Rocky Mountain National Park, Crescent Moon with Venus
2008-11-15 Visit Barbara & George at their mountain home near Divideo CO
2008-05-23 Greeley CO - a simple flat tire on a relaxing Friday evening ride
2008-05-18 Estes Park, East Portal - Alva B. Adams tunnel, Rocky Mountain National Park
2008-04-20 Wyoming backroads between Cheyenne and Laramie
2008-02-17 Colorado Route 14, Cameron Pass, Snow flocked pine trees
2008-01-31 A quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park / Bear Lake
2007-08-11 Ted's Place, Virginia Dale, Ames Monument, Union Pacific rail yard at Laramie WY, Overland Trail crossing. Jelm Observatory
2007-07-29 Golden storm cloud pictures
2007-07-22 Creedmoore Lakes & Chimney Rock
2007-05-20 County 44H & 63E - west of Fort Collins
2007-04-09 Colorado Relocation Visit #2 - House hunt
2007-02-09 Colorado Relocation Visit #1 - City hunt
2007-01-27 A simple sunset
2007-01-26 Route 26 Farm
2007-01-19 Around Princeton, farm scene, Hennepin canal @ Bureau & Wyanet
2007-01-15 Ice covered trees
2006-12-01 Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow. First snowfall of the season - 18 INCHES.
2006-10-10 Dad and I travel down to Northeast GA to pick up a motor for the motorcycle
2006-02-05 Downtown Milwaukee WI - cold, splashing breakwater spray
2006-01-28 Salt Lake City "car hauler" trip with Luke
2005-05-23 The trusty '91 Honda Accord EX Wagon - eBay auction pictures & information.
2003-10-10 Fall Colors - The camera sat beside me in the car the past couple days and it was able to capture some nice colors
2003-07-22 Deer Strike - Blackhawk Road just West of Mulford Road, Rockford IL - Honda Wagon
2003-06-16 Colorado Family Vacation - Rocky Mountain National Park, Western slope, Denver, Loveland, Mile High Soaring
2001-10-31 Honda Dashboard - Disassemble a portion of the dashboard to repair the hot/cold air mixture assembly.
2001-02-17 The Honda wagon turns 200,000.
1999-05 Grand canyon hike & MG drive with Dad - Fly out to Huntington Beach, drive to the Grand Canyon, hike from the North Rim to the South Rim (3 days), meet up with Dad in Las Vegas, Hoover Dam Tour, Drive Tom's MG back to Illinois.
1995-07-01 Drive Tom's MG out to California - Many Yosemite pictures.
1994-12-27 Colorado Springs trip - A handful of postcards from Royal Gorge
1994-08-06 Ranch Wagon Broken Window - Somebody decided they wanted to break a window...
1994-07 Tom moves to Huntington Beach, CA - Tom, Greg, Jim
1994-06 Mississippi River Trip - Follow the Mississippi River from Dubuque IA to the Gulf.  Drive over to Florida then back home.
1993-08-12 Seattle trip #2 - Drive out to Seattle with Tom to see Dan Keenan.  Driving Julie's Honda Accord.
1990-03 Seattle trip #1 - Seattle trip with Frank Schuh to see Dan Keenan.  Driving in the '68 Ford Ranch Wagon
1988-07 California Trip #1 - Fly out to SanFransisco.  Buy the 68 Ford Wagon.  Drive down the coast of CA and then back to IL via AZ, NM, TX, AR & MO