Saturday, December 14, 2019
Snow run - Bunce School Road & Ironclads

Matt from the 4x4 group stirred the waters for getting out today. The mountains have been receiving snow for the past 24 hours or so. How much for the trails we're looking to visit is the question. There's no snow in town - so far. Fortunately the day was "just right". It was an enjoyable day in the forest with light snow falling, scant little breeze, and loaded pine trees.

The Bunce side-by-side rental company was out but not too many rentals were on the trail today. Two motorcycles. One or two quads. Four or five side-by-sides. And the four of us - a fairly quiet day.

We started at the north end, by the schoolhouse, and headed to Ironclads for a counter-clockwise loop. Getting up the backside was easy for Matt and Shane though I needed a couple attempts near the top. One of the attempts found me breaking a "crossover" chain on the tire chains. A few zip-ties kept it from flailing and catching the brake line.

Coming down from Ironclads we met up with JP who figured he'd find us somewhere on the trail. The four of us headed  south on Bunce to see how far we could travel. Again, the snow was "just right" - not too deep nor too thin. The pine trees looked fantastic. We made it to the meadow and there the drifts were waiting.

JP, Matt and Shane made it to the locked gate. I went over and back at the first drift and called it good enough - and enjoyed some silence at the meadow while the others pushed on.

From the south end we went back to the Ironclads intersection. The three would run it again while I headed out for home. I was surprised to find one to two inches of fresh snow at home.

In all, an enjoyable day in the mountains!

Heading up highway 7

The pine trees are look'n great today.

Chains were put to good use even though the snow, on most of the trail, isn't too deep.

Now and then the sun could be seen

Heading south on Bunce. At some point the snow will get too deep - possibly down by the southern gate.

Down at the meadow getting close to the southern gate - where the drifts get deep.

I'm at the first drift though turned around to head out. A picture before winching off of a tree anchor to get me out of the stuck spot. When the fuel tank smooths the snow - it's deep enough to keep me from moving. The others are attempting to get through another drift or two (200 yards down trail) - I have time as they'll be a bit.

A side-by-side is coming down the trail for a quick U-turn.

JP on new 40" tires.

A couple views across the meadow.

Ready to head north.

Heading down Highway 7 - it's clear of snow.

Out at US-287 north of Longmont - clear and dry.

A surprise at Fort Collins - a couple inches of snow.