Saturday, July 28, 2018
Kingston Peak & Yankee Hill

Join some jeep group folks for a trek to Kingston Peak and perhaps some other trail for a return trip. It ended up being Yankee Hill for the return. Weather was overall quite nice - though I put the top and doors on just in case (rain was likely). Heavy, low clouds for the morning. When we started the trail, it was mostly sunny - a welcome change. While on the mountain we had some spits of rain with an odd cloud skirting overhead and away. On the trip back to Fort Collins, heavy rain was on the menu - I was happy to have the top and doors for that trek.

Counterclockwise loops

Heavy, low clouds for the morning.

Ahh - up in the mountains - nice sky!

On the trail - looking west-northwest.

Looking north. The Rollins Pass rail line / jeep trail could be seen snaking a ridge or two in the distance.

Getting close to timberline.

Coming to the James Peak Lake trailhead / parking spot.

Little Echo Lake

James Peak with James Peak Lake

The Rock House

Loch Lomond

Chinns Lake, Sherwin Lake

Loch Lomond Rock House

Heading down towards Alice. Some will split off for a quick I-70 trek back to town while others will follow Tom to Yahnkee Hill before getting back to Central City.

Back in town - a couple older cars skirting the rain.