Sunday, May 17, 2015
Afternoon spring ride up 44H

The spring melt has been going on for a bit. I'm curious to know the status of Buckhorn Road northwest of Masonville. It was washed out by the flood in the fall of 2013. I found out today that it is open. Construction is ongoing. Several bridges are new. Some canyon wall widening happened. About two or three miles of the roadway is still soil / yet to be re-paved.

A bit nothest of Masonville I turned west on County road 44H. It crosses over Pennock Pass (yellow #1 on the map). From the pass we have a nice view to the west.

The nice Pennock Pass view to the west...

In the clearing down in the valley we can barely make out buildings. That is Colorado State Universitiy's mountain campus. We'll drive down to the entrance and take a few pictures of the mountains that would be positioned off the left side of this photo.

A view out to the plains to the east.

Approaching CSU's mountain campus.

The mountain that was "off the to the left" of the initial photo, above.

A bit of the campus area.

Heading north up to Colorado Hwy 14 / Poudre Canyon to head back to town...

First view of Hwy 14 in the Poudre River valley.

Poudre River @ Mile Marker 100 of Hwy 14.