Saturday, August 24, 2013
Argentine Pass & Santiago Mine

Second visit to Argentine Pass - perhaps this time I'll make it to the top. We're planned to work through the mining area with a stop at the Santiago Mine before heading up to Mcclellan Mountain. With an afternoon rain shower (and good lightning) we decided to head down and out vs. up higher.

I-25 soughbound - Longs Peak. It's the closest "14-er".

One curious semi hauling a custom flatbed with two, large, grey cylinders. Hmmm... Hazardous Waste... Radioactive II... Fissile...

Starting out on the Argentine Pass trail.

Even this late in the season, there was a fair bit of water.

Looking back from where we came. Nice, blue sky there too. Behind us are darker clouds.

Thanks to Levi for taking a photo with my camera.

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This is the Continental Divide. To the left is south, right being north. Looking west over the Pacific Watershed.

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The Argentine Pass trail is open to jeeps on the eastern side of the moutain but is single-track, hiking only, on the western side. The trail, visible in the bottom left of the photo, works its way down to the gravel road below.

Maureen and Levi enjoying the grand vista.
Their dogs... more interested in exploring with what their noses find.

A couple vehicles working their way up.

Heading down.

Tom & guests from Minnesota (first), Michlle (a first time on the trails) & guests from Nebraska, Curt & Kindra in the black jeep.

Looking into the eastern portal of the Vidler Tunnel.

It started out to be a train tunnel to the other side of the mountain. I don't think it was "holed through" under the train tunnel digging but has since been completed and is used to transfer western slope water to the eastern side's metro population.

Levi & Maureen

Curt and wife heading up towards Mt. Mclelland / Santiago Mine

At the Santiago Mine. The site is being restored. As listed, take memories and photos and leave everything as-is.

Looking into the mine shaft.

Ore cart rails coming out from the mine shaft towards the processing building.

Office or living quarters??

The main processing building.

Up valley, it's looking hazy. It's due to a moderate rain storm rolling over us.

New repairs to the roof / replaced roof.

It is an impressively nice rock face.

The rain is passing over and looks heavy to the east. The sun is hinting and is lighting up the processing building a bit.

Michelle & friends working down to the old Waldorf townsite.

Levi & Maureen

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Taking the Levenworth Creek exit. It's more bumpy but is more scenic than the parallel Argentine trail (old railroad bed). It was a nice ending touch to the trip.

Michelle & friends

Levi crossing the creek
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