Thursday, May 21, 2020
North Switzerland, Cliffhanger 2.0, Ironclads, Bunce School Road

On the Switzerland railroad bed

Consistent width, grade, curve radi

Atop Cliffhanger 2.0 - a rocky climb

Heading down. The railbed is visible in the center of the picture.

Some wisps of clouds - to come into play later in the day when a forest fire fighter stopped me and asked if I saw or smelled smoke. No. He thought the call was due to someone thinking the wisp clouds were smoke.

On the railbed, heading to the Mount Alto lunch stop.

Bottom center of the photo - the railbed we'll soon travel.

Ah, a railbed radius with a cut in the rocks.

At the community of Sunset Colorado we'll jump off of the Switzerland trail to take Pennsylvania Gulch.

Starting out with Pennsylvania Gulch trail.

Certainly more rocky and slow than the railbed of Switzerland trail.

Done with PennGulch, heading north on the Peak to Peak highway to Bunce & Ironclads.

The Ledge at Ironclads

Snow still around - approx 8000 feet.