Saturday, June 30, 2018
Trails - Button Rock spur, Johnny Park, Pierson Park South, Pole Hill

The debate in planning for today - put the top on or chance it with the rain prediction. I went half-way with the bikini top and doors. Much quicker to put on and take off. In the end, I stayed mostly dry. My left thigh had the most water from it dripping down between the top and door.

Tom, from the jeep group is looking at some of the "typical northern set" of trails. When we meet in Lyons with all standing around we'll make the decision of what to travel. In the end - Johnny Park with the typical spur entrance, then to Pierson Park South and walk to the avalanche area that cut the trail in two then to Pole Hill. Adam split out after Pierson Park to get back with family.

One comment from early in the day - with a small group of capable vehicles (and trails that seemed a bit tame than of times past) - we were traveling quickly. Scant stops with near zero stopping at obstacles. A quick time!

At the end of Pole Hill I noticed the Jeep's odometer coming up on an "odometer moment" number - 177,777.1 and 177,777.7 miles. With simple planning I was able to place the jeep at "The Notch" for .1 and at an open area for .7.

Heading out was the mandatory stop at Glen Haven's General Store for a treat. Popping out onto US-34 I saw a gent hitch hiking (in the drizzly day) and stopped to give him a ride - Donnie from metro London area visiting the U.S.A. for a bit. His goal for the day was Rustic CO or the Shambhala Mountain Resort. A quick mental debate in the drizzle - I could enjoy a nice weekend ride up the Poudre River Valley. Instead of saying goodbye at Fort Collins we switched vehicles from the jeep to the car. A bite to eat and up CO-14 we went. The sky cleared and the drive was sweet with scant traffic as it was late in the afternoon. Sun was low and in our eyes for the only distraction. A short stop for the views at Picken's Point then over to his destination. I took the northern route via Livermore for the return - a quick two hours or so for the round trip.

Some comments from our visit - ah, yes, the chips/fries when ordering supper, root beer is not common over there, he hiked over the Continental Divide (and overnighted up there in a sleeping bag) from northwest of Eldora to near Grand Lake - the trail on the east face was populated though the west face was empty of people (understandable with the eastern population bias).

Following Tom up US-36

Adam with his right-hand-drive Jeep

Working up the most difficult obstacle for the day - of no issue to any in the group.

Nice blue sky - this'll change.

Nearing the end of Johnny Park.

Clouds starting to thicken.

Cloud line getting low.

Nearing the southern trailhead for Pierson Park South

Heading towards Estes Park / Pole Hill

First raindrops of the day - slight and spotty.

In Estes with cell coverage - where is the rain?? Heavy stuff around, fortunately nothing significant to put the door uppers on.

Rain "over there" obscuring the ridge line.

Pole Hill - still dry!

Coming across the meadow - a couple deer near the trail.

Odometer Moment - 177,777.1 Miles and at a scenic spot - The Notch on the Pole Hill trail.

with a half mile later - a similar Odometer Moment - 177,777.7 Miles.

Glen Haven General Store - Cherry Cobbler a la mode...