Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Pawnee West

The Pawnee National Grasslands show as two large blocks in Northern Colorado. Today I'll visit some of the "forest service" roads. The area allows one to fully "stretch the eyeballs" as there are scant few trees to block the view.

The red colored track are the "trails" and the black areas more of a typical "county road".

Not much for big elevation change today.

Windmills pumping water into water tanks for grazing cattle is the norm. Many of the windmills were not running. The tanks were dry. We didn't see cattle grazing in the area.

Hmmm - might this be an old missile site for one of the above-ground missiles?
40.648843, -104.384535
4038'55.8"N 10423'04.3"W

This looks like it could have been an entrance gate - metal embedded for a roller to roll on it.