Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Moody Hill, Monument Gulch, Old Flowers Road

Meet Tom at Masonville to travel Old Flowers Road and perhaps some other area trail. Today is forecast to be hot - mid 90's at least. I'll run windshield down for the day to enjoy some breeze (and occasionally trail dust if I'm too close to Tom). Up in elevation the temps were near perfect. There was some breeze flowing much of the day. Blue sky with some sun-blocking clouds and no risk of rain. Both Moody Hill and Old Flowers Road had a few others out. Monument Gulch - it's no longer a thru-trail (private property presented us with locked gates) so it's scantly traveled - noone else encountered there.

At Monument Gulch we rolled the dice to see if it was open to Old Flowers - nope. The two red marks are locked gates. There's a mix of private property / public forest lands.

Not super high in elevation today - but enough to provide cooler temps!

Heading towards Masonville to meet Tom

Heading north from Masonville to county road 44H and the trailhead for Moody Hill.

On Moody Hill

One of the campsites - the first "on the right" entering from 44H

At the Moody Hill campsite pullout (the first on the left)

Things are GREEN. We encountered perhaps ten water crossings (small things - but water is still flowing)

Off of Moody Hill - heading north through the (?Crystal Mountain?) housing development. Zooming to the quarry area of Moody - a couple quads checking the area
GPS: 40.567953, -105.390566

Also zooming to the antenna complex
GPS: 40.617043,-105.330058

Camera position for the two photos - about here:
GPS: 40.553171, -105.421594

Starting Monument Gulch

To the east of the forest road is the High Park burn area - to the west - mostly unburned forest

On the way in I caught a wooden structure and metal tank up the hill from the road. A water catch - would there be any water in it?

Nope. It had a black hose that was set to fill it with water. We followed the hose uphill 20' - it ended at another of the same type of devices - it too dry - though the area does have some water around as the grass was thick.

The second of the Monument Gulch gates - turning back to head down to 44H to take county roads to Old Flowers Road.

A local barn that reminds me of the iconic Moulton barn near Jackson Hole WY / Grand Teton National Park.

Just west of Pennock Pass

Heading north on 63E to the western trailhead for Old Flowers Road and the gated Monument Gulch trail. South fork of the Cache LaPoudre River

Extensive High Park Fire burn area. Cause - lightning. June 2012.

New growth.

deadfall / blow-down trees

The eastern end of Old Flowers Road