October 29, 2011 Saturday
Moody Hill Trail, with Rock Quarry, with Front Range 4x4 group

A few days back the first snowfall for the area fell (about 8 inches). With temps cool enough to keep the snow about this Saturday's group ride to Moody Hill will have a fair bit of snowcover. While the snow will give some good views it'll also make spots a bit slippery - giving some nice challenge.

I had the route in the GPS and maps on the seat so the group of nine vehicles had me leading. I welcomed it, though this trail was a first time for me, as being first lead to several photos having un-tracked snow - a treat.

We had plans to also ride the Crystal Mountain trail, but decided to take that off the plate. Temps were decent though the wind was up, at least at the quarry.

Two vehicles playing at the rock quarry
16MB, MPG format, 1m34s

Trailhead entrance from Road 44 H

I was in the lead and enjoyed a fair bit of untracked snow, though we started out in the tracks of some prior vehicle.

I'm sitting at the first obstacle. While the front and rear differential lockers were working, the conditions were too much and I need a pull to get over the rocks. Since I wasn't going anywhere until Jim's winch line was connected I snapped a photo of the angle indicator... 28 degrees uphill I sit. One way to get reclining seats!

The slippery step...

After I was pulled up the first obstacle I went ahead to see if anything else was ahead that would cause a stop. I went ahead perhaps 1/2 mile knowing the rest of the group was working to get each over that first rock step. Awaiting the others, I pulled out the camera.

Untracked snow, quiet forest. Enjoyable.

After a bit I backed down to near the group to see how it was going. When I arrived the last vehicle was over the rocks and ready to move.

The group snaking up the hill.

Moody Hill's Rock Quarry. A few decided to play on the rocks while others watched and recorded.

The group decided to not travel up the Crystal Mountain trail so we're heading north on the Crystal Mountain Road. This road, with sections being private, serves as access to mountain housing.

One of the remote houses. The light spot in the center of the photo, on the ridge, I believe, is the Rock Quarry.

Back near home. The trails had clean snow, but the roads were sloppy.

Everything was spotted with dirt. As I like not having the top and doors on I often take at least the door tops off, which I did on this trip. Below about 15MPH the wheels wouldn't spit slop up, but over about 15MPH slop would get spit into the air with a fair bit finding its way inside the jeep. Inside the wind shield, on the dash, seats, me, ah well - It'll wash out.