Sunday, September 10, 2023
Misty mountain peach cobbler

Well, yesterday I had on my mind for a cinnamon roll at the Glen Haven General Store - but I didn't make it in time. This morning, before Mass, I was prompted with some Cinnamon Roll goodness from a secret Midwest kitchen. That planted the seed - to make a quick trip for a treat (it's getting late in the season - I'd best make good use of the time).

Leaving home, rain is a solid possibility. Yesterday was good blue and today no blue is to be found. One might think a blue sky day is the pinnacle of enjoyable scenery in the mountains. While a blue sky day is well enjoyed, clouds do have the ability to enhance the scenery - that is today.

Sitting on my leg is not the typical treat but rather a cobbler. They had Peach, Blueberry and Cherry (the last being the most popular). I opted for the peach as the roadside peach stands are in full swing - Palisade (Colo) peaches are a local treat.

I was taken aback when the clerk asked if I would like it warmed. Yes please. Ice cream? Yes please. I commented that, in the past, other clerks would not warm a cobbler as they were in plastic cups and would not put plastic into the microwave. The comment came back - two years ago the store came under new management. Great! Warm cobbler is back on the menu.

(and no, I wasn't dodging melted bits of plastic - but it'd be worth the risk)

A gracious Thank You for this kind gift.

First (for me) this season for a cinnamon roll was on the Storm Mountain trip a couple weeks prior.
(click to view)

Treat well enjoyed... some misty mountains!

On the mountainside, right about in the middle of the photo, a house.
40.437140, -105.342078

Down near the mouth of the Big Thompson canyon - on the interesting 1.5 lane wide gravel road with a nice drop to the river...