Saturday, September 2, 2023
Storm Mountain

I headed out, top off, for a short trip to Glen Haven for a cinnamon roll then for a trip up Storm Mountain. Clouds were getting dark to the west - staying dry might be sketchy.

Heading down I came across a utility quad on its side. They were getting ready to use their winch to upright it but me on the trail was aligned better. A quick pull to get it on its feet. They offered a drink so I joined them at their camp for refreshment and conversation. They're out for a week - elk hunting. I hope they're successful in the task.


Round trip was perhaps 90 miles.
Home to Home time about five hours (I left at 3pm).

Green Ridge Glade Reservoir

US-34 heading into the mountains.

Cinnamon Roll @ the Glen Haven General Store

I didn't see milk in the fridge so I went for a vanilla cream from the Durango Colo company.

Storm Mountain trail

Looking south - Longs Peak near the left

Some rain falling - fortunately not over me.

Lake Loveland / Loveland Colorado.

Mount Meeker (shorter mountain peak - far left), Longs Peak to the right of it.

The spur from the Storm Mountain vista point - it's not looking to be used these days.

Heading down...

Heading down I came across a utility quad that was laying on its right side. The folks had a strap set and were getting ready to winch it upright. As the bottom of the quad was facing me, my winch would be a direct, easy pull. Short task tended - it's on its feet.

The folks are out for an elk hunt - coming out from the Chicago `burbs.  We enjoyed a nice chat. I hope they're successful.