Colorado Relocation Visit #1
February, 2007

The plan is to drive out to the Denver area, stay with my sister and family for a few days, head out for a week and visit some possible cities, come back to the Denver area and stay with my brother and family for a few days. The goal is to get an initial feel for some cities.

There are two general areas - north front range (cities north of Denver) - Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins. and some western slope cities - Durango and Montrose.

The items below aren't much of the cities themselves - but rather the scenery that is near or en-route to them.

(Look in the "Notable Items" column for something of interest
then click a date in the left column to view that days items)

Date Destination Notable Items
Feb 9 NE, Lincoln

Feb 10 CO, Aurora Frosted trees
Feb 15 CO, Aurora US Route 36 from Estes Park, CO
Feb 17 CO, Salida Frosted trees, lunch with friends
Feb 18 CO, Durango Mountain scenery, US-550
Feb 19 CO, Durango Not much of interest - some Durango area photos
Feb 20 CO, Montrose US-550 with a fresh coating of pure white snow on the trees & mountainside
Feb 21 CO, Highlands Ranch Grand Mesa, I-70 over the Continental Divide