February 9, 2007
Ride from Illinois to Nebraska

Looking north over the Mississippi River.
Not too often do I notice it frozen over (it has been unusually cold lately)

Crossing over the river on I-280 at the Quad Cities.
It was "the long way around" the Quad Cities but since I don't recall ever going this way - let's see what's there.

Illinois behind me...

...Iowa ahead.

Rolling down the road this truck caught my attention
"Lord Unto You, Not Unto Us. Amen"

Recall all of those 80's Chevrolet paint jobs that delaminated?
Here's one that had life as an "Air Conditioning - Heating" vehicle.
Notice that when the company lettering was removed the paint hadn't delaminated where the lettering was.

Just some odd 'wide load' item.

Sunsets are better in person

One of the "I-80 landmarks"

Princeton has the four big flags, then there's the Kinzie farm implement factory and its attractions,
the original wind turbine, the large gatway arch over the road, the yellow smiley faced water tower (Adiar IA?) and perhaps a few others I don't recall

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