February 17, 2007
Denver to Divide to Salida

Looking across the rolling land (kinda bare), across the housing developments (ugh), to the Rockies.
They look nice - but I'd prefer it if the prior two items weren't in the way.

Rolling south on I-25 - snow covered trees.

Trains along I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs

The second locomotive is an odd "B" unit. B-units lack a cab for the crew.
Wikipedia article on B-units

US-24 heading West from Colorado Springs

South of Divide CO
Looking East at Pikes Peak

A few minutes at hand before our Noon lunch I headed a bit past my turn off and took some photos.

Grimey headlights, grimey car - and it was washed a couple days back...

The old roadway went through the tunnel.
Since the roadway was reconfigured the tunnel is now blocked off.

Heading up the hill to Geroge & Barbara's home

Barbara & George. Enjoying a nice afternoon.
Thanks Folks - I had a wonderful time!

View from their deck - almost 180 degrees - South > West > North
Click for a larger size - remember to scroll right

Sunset from the vista point west of Divide

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