February 19, 2007
Around Durango

An unusual mailbox

This caught my eye...
The new, brawney, muddy pickup towing an old, sedate, clean auto

Something I didn't expect to see in the area

South of Durango, looking North towards town.
I think this is on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation

Durango is close to the New Mexico border.
Since I was heading south I jumped the extra few miles - glad I did - fuel is 30 cents per gallon less on the other side.

Fuel topped off - back north I go.

The Animas Air Park runway. The south end of the runway extends to the edge of the land.

Spinning around from the above photo this is what you get if you don't get off the ground in time - a short drop to the service road...

then a long drop to the valley floor
(I did pay good attention to not getting smacked by a moving plane)

Hmmm - a combination Hanger-Apartment

And another - with a "deck" LOL

So back in town I picked up some lunch "to-go" and went for a ride.
This winding valley road found I decided to park and enjoy lunch here.

Parked, looking to my right.


Off to the left

Later in the day I wound my way up through some neighborhoods until I came to the forest / park entrance (closed).
The last sentence in the first section gave me a chuckle. You can camp - just don't transition "camping" into "living".

For most of the day Durango was under blue sky.
Slightly to the north were the clouds dumping snow in the mountains.

But the snow did end up making its way into Durango. It was a wet, slushy snow. Still no need to wear a coat with these temps!

Snowfall riding down main street
WMV, 1.2MB, 16 sec

I've been looking at several "for sale" and "for rent" properties.
I've not bothered to post them as they aren't of much interest for the website - but they give me an idea as to what property costs run.
This "for sale" has a nice view. Hmmm - 3 car garage, unlisted price.

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