1979 Jeep CJ-5

1968 Ford Ranch Wagon

1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon

Purchased 6/1/1995, $12,200, 34550 miles
Sold 6/1/2005 (coincidence), $1515, 275229 miles

22 to 27 MPG (with a rare occasion above 30)
2200 cc multiport fuel injection
fuel cost min $0.67/gal, max 2.26/gal

Calculating just on the above numbers
Dollar cost for fuel for those miles $11,742
Approx cost per year (vehicle and fuel only) $2242

1993 Honda Accord LX Wagon

A buddy, on his drive to work, called and said "I'm driving by your car and it's for sale".
At the time, the 91 had over 1/4 million miles. I wasn't looking for a different vehicle (and was
holding the thought of shooting for 1/2 million miles) I figured I could purchase this replacement,
sell mine, and have close to the same vehicle with vastly fewer miles for a nice cost.
It happened. I miss the sun roof of the EX but also enjoy the driver's right armrest of the LX.

Purchased 12/20/2004 $4900 @ 37989 miles

1990 Jeep YJ

Purchased 06/13/2011, $3000, 153407 miles

After a few years without a motorcycle I now can ride about and enjoy open views (no roof over my head).

June 5, 2017 - photos with the rollbar removed (temporary)