Saturday, February 14, 2014
Meet a small group for an early season visit to Bunce School Road and maybe Ironclads

Both trails were fairly cleared of deep snow but each had a few sections that gave difficulty. The weather was fantastic - sun, no wind, almost warm enough for t-shirt only.

At the north trailhead for Bunce

The first spot with expected snow. Last time I was here, where the vehicle ahead of me is at, I slid off the trail and had to be pulled back.

The last visit, this was the end of the road - with perhaps two feet of snow. Not much left.

The first uphill that gave some difficulty.

And the second uphill that gave difficulty. We spent and hour and a half getting two vehicles up this grade. The vehicles with big, but few, tire lugs (not snow tires) had difficulty where the other two vehicles with a snow tread had no issue.

My tires are mud / big tread / bad for snow. This shot was from me working up the hill and then upward motion ceased, all four tires spinning with the vehicle sliding downhill a couple feet.

Once we get up the hill and to the meadow this is the view that gets photo'd every time there.

Over to Ironclads. This is the first "snow blocked" section of trail. Scant snow around.

The ledge - no snow.

Going up the ledge and down a different rocky mound.

The uphill, left hand turn with sugar snow atop pakced slick snow. Both of us were able to drive up and make the section but it too was a decently long slog.

Trying to get up the snowy curve

Standing atop a rock we were able to get a nice view