Sunday, 14 September 2021
Ride about after a decent snowfall (~15")

A good snowfall came in last night - let's get out for a ride around the area. It's a heavy, wet snow. Warm temps too - low 30's (F).

Time to get to clearing some snow...

The scraper is just over 12" long / high.

Primary and some secondary roads are clear - many secondary and perhaps all smaller grade roads - they have not been touched (and might not get touched - it'll melt soon enough).

Prospect east of College

Mulberry heading west to College.

Downtown, northbound.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Mountain Avenue with the trolly power line.

Heading out of Bellvue to head up Rist Canyon

A local landmark

A county road with no tracks. A bit heavy pushing through, but it was no issue.

Heading up Rist Canyon


It was an easy ride - the road was plowed. It was one lane wide and the snow was only 3" deep. Meeting the plows (a grader and typical plow truck working as a team) was a challenge to squeeze by. One spot I turned around and found a wide spot in the plowed road to let them by.

A couple packs of deer - taking the easy (plowed) route instead of the deep snow. They'd jump off the road and would be covered to the top of their back in deep snow. I'd pass and they'd jump right back to the road.