Wednesday, June 25, 2014
A hail storm last evening still had hail on the ground the next morning.

The storm was fairly localized. By me, aside from noticing the grand light show, I only had a few hail pieces hit the ground (pea sized). A couple miles away, driving to a morning appointment, I was amazed at the amount of hail still on the ground (warm day) and the SHREDDED trees.

I have heard of crop insurance (for hail) though I now have a higher respect for the damage hail can do. Notice the sidewalks that are covered in tree leaves.

The golf course near Lemay & Horsetooth.

Today is a Bike To Work event.


The city was out clearing hail/slush in a few spots.

Where's the sidewalk?

With a covered sidewalk are ragged top trees.

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