September 8, 2012 (Saturday)
Trail cleanup at Devil's Canyon

The jeep group sponsors two trails - Barbour Fork and Devil's Canyon - and today is cleanup day. With enough helpers we split between the two trails and I went to the Devil's Canyon trail.

The Aspen's are wonderfully golden!

The trail cleanup generally goes like this - travel the trail and stop to pickup anything noticed along the way, which there is little. Then stop where people spend time - campsites mainly, and spend a fair bit of time picking up a decent amount of trash. Some places don't look like they have much, but once you start looking it creeps out of the brush. Those who target shoot, picking up spent cartridges / shells create a lot of work. Putting a tarp down before shooting would make it much easier (for them) to clean up.

This open field - littered with shotgun shells.

Park and start walking.

Trashbags at the ready!

Site scoured, enjoy the ride to the next spot.

Found along the way on a side spur - one well rusted muffler.

At the end at the capsite - a few hundred cartridges and bottles and bottles of broken glass.

The trail had one long, downhill spur. `never been down it... let's check it out!

Curiously, down at the bottom, were a couple day hikers not looking forward to the steep hike up. Pull the doors out of the back seat and put'm on to make room - hiker's delivered to the top, gracious task done.

Back up at the common open area. It has good views!

A quick stop at Barbour Fork's uphill wheel wave obstacle.