Saturday, July 7, 2018
Red Cone / Webster Pass / Radical Hill / Saints John

Visit a nice set of above timberline trails: Red Cone > Webster Pass > Radical Hill > Saints John. While town was supposed to have 100F temps, Red Cone would find me wearing a winter coat. Rain danced around us but we stayed dry.

The western trailhead for Red Cone / the exit would find a curious situation - a white 4-door jeep with a gash in the right rear door and one rather shaken driver. It seems the jeep, on the last pitch, lost power and brakes. The vehicle gathered speed, got sideways and found the right side taking out two heavy steel signs. We were able to winch pull one sign upright while the other with a concrete base was pushed upright.

Not much for pictures today.

The upper right white jeep - where it came to rest from its sideways downhill slide.

The intent of the photo was to doc the snow blocking Webster Pass - I didn't know / or yet see the signs that were pushed over - or the brutal gash on the right side of the jeep.