Thursday, July 19, 2018
Wheeler Lake with Mary Beth

A "weekday run" is on the calendar at Front Range 4x4. I have a couple days open so I say yes! The trip was scheduled for the prior Tuesday though weather looked like rain might be an issue. Thursday was better regarding rain and folks had the option to move to thurs. In the end - weather was FANTASTIC!

I drove from home to Breckenridge and picked up Mary Beth, in visiting for a short trip, and we joined the group (Chris, James & Jen) at the Wheeler Lake trail head. We spent a bit of time at the mill and then headed up the trail. The obstacles did not take long for our small, capable group to process. Before long we were at the lake. A hike up to the mine for a view inside with a nice lesson from James and Jen on rocks, their formation, and mining. Nicely appreciated.

Heading out, MB and I took a chance at getting to the Mosquito Pass mills, thus the jump down to Alma but in the end we wished to get back to Breckenridge so we gave up before getting to the sites.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation with Sarah and Tom. He whipped up a tasty dinner like it was no big deal. Thanks Tom!

Times - from the GPS track log

6:30 am
9:24 am
9:34 am
10:00 am
10:14 am
10:17 am
10:37 am
12:12 pm
1:50 pm
3:13 pm
3:50 pm
Leave Fort Collins
Arrive Breckenridge to pick up Mary Beth
Leave Breckenridge
Meet the group at the trail head / Magnolia Reservoir
Start the trail
Arrive at the Magnolia Mill
Leave the mill (20 min at the mill)
Arrive at Wheeler Lake
Leave Wheeler Lake (approx, GPS powered down) 1h 38m at the lake / mine
Arrive at the trail head / Magnolia Reservoir
Aired up, done chatting, moving out

The Wheeler Lake jump. The Hoosier Pass and associated wiggling dashed line is the Continental Divide. Listed in one of the last photos is a comment of people on the ridge. That would be Mt. Cameron and Mt. Lincoln southeast of Wheeler Lake.

Our try to view the mills on the Mosquito Pass trail. We turned back shortly before getting to them. The washboard road was a detractor from trying to push the time.

Heading into Breckenridge - the stove pipe is the addition to grab a pic...  Wood burner most likely.

Looking out over the reservoir.

Of all the materials hauled to remote mountain mill sites, cables and boilers seem to be the two that are shipped whole. That's a significant mass to haul. How many horses to haul the wagon or wagon set?

A major draw to the trail - fantastic scenery!

Slightly above the lake, a 100' mine that ended in a vein. It was nice to see. I'm glad it's not blocked / gated from use.

The end - at the vein.

Looking out. Not overly long but a good taste to what they are like.

Looking down valley / easterly from where we came.

On the ridge, people could be seen.

One of the steps down saw me pause to snap a shot of the angle - perhaps 19 degrees.

James & Jen going down the step.