Sunday, October 28, 2018
Miller Rock's Expanded Trail Set

The MVUM listed trails for Miller Rock were partially off-limits for full-width vehicles due to an obstacle folks chose to not try to run (downslope slide / roll risk). The sponsoring trail group recently widened the obstacle to make it reasonable to pass. This would be my first visit and I wished to check out as many of the trails as reasonable. Curiously we came across a few structures - collapsed, collapsing, and in somewhat reasonable condition - plus, I think, one mine. The evident trails and the map locations differed a bit and we tried to match them up but alas, the physical track was the only track. A couple of the trails (one I took, one I chose to not take) look long dis-used and were more of a narrow width (quad) use. After visiting much of the expanded trail set (there is one loop I'd like to check out) we trekked back to Miller Rock for a view from atop. On our out-n-back spur to the rock there was a deadfall tree at an angle over the trail. I thought it'd be quick work for it to be removed so three of us stayed to pull it down - perhaps 15 minutes start to end for the task. One of the last warm days for the season put to good use.

Out on the expanded trail set

From our entrance, this area seemed remote and I was surprised to see a telephone line connection on the structure. Knowing the area a bit more after our visit, we were close to several homes and services. We weren't in such a remote area.

Deadfall removal.

Winch the base off of the trail. Tree falls and breaks into pieces. Pick and toss off of the trail.