Sunday, September 12, 2021
Odometer Moment - Honda turns 333,333.3

A curiosity of mine is to document interesting odometer readings. With some flexibility, I'll try to have the car at some scenic location for the moment. On a recent trip from Illinois to Coloado I knew the car would turn over 333,333.3 miles. When the distance came close I pulled off of I-80 at Sidney Nebraska as the historic Transcontinental Railroad and Lincoln Highway would be more interesting - and offer less traffic flying by - than the shoulder of I-80.

I came into town as a westbound train was rolling through. Great - I'll be able to get a train in the background!  Speed limit on the two-lane highway was 65 and only two small towns slowed the car. The train must have been rolling about the same speed as me as I never caught up to it in the fifty plus miles I was on the highway.

About a mile west of Bushnell NE I pulled off and clicked a few photos. I had time so I waited 20 minutes for another train - nope.

GPS location
4113'01.9"N 10354'54.1"W
41.217202, -103.915020

Lincoln Highway, an old transcontinental highway connecting Times Square with San Francisco (US-30 here), with the Transcontinental Railroad in the background.

The Pony Express route is near the current US-30 for a fair bit in Nebraska - though just east of this location, the route deviates northwest and would be "somewhere over the hills" in the background.