Sun/Mon, July 22 & 23, 2007
Creedmoore Lakes & Chimney Rock

The weather's been a tad warm the past few days - and there's no A/C in the rental house. By mid afternoon the house temps get uncomfortable.

Today (and tomorrow) I'll find myself wanting to get into some cool air - either via the car's A/C or via higher elevation (temperatures generally drop four degrees per thousand feet of elevation gain). Simply going up 2 to 4 thousand feet will drop temps nicely. North Central CO is about 3 thousand feet above town...

The area is also close, but yet remote, and scenic. An interesting part of the state with sections to remind us that a part of Utah was planted here.

Gravel road in good condition on the way to Creedmoore Lakes (the yellow dot in the top map)

The 1/4 mile stub road to the lakes - a slow "pick your line" route for my low clearance vehicle.

The rest of the vehicles had more clearance - though I was able to make it w/o any body scrapes.

There are three lakes. This is only one as the other two are accessed via a different trail from the parking lot.

I found out about the "other trail" to the other two lakes only after I started trekking down this one. I walked it for perhaps five minutes before turning back. I was told this trail ends up at the river - people walk it to go fishing.

Monday (afternoon) July 23

Today we'll find Chimney Rock. Red Mountain will be another time. Route 80c between Routes 59 and 89 was specifically enjoyable.

Somewhere on route 80c

An adult moose with youngster

See the young one - center, low - face staring at you.

At the western end of 80c - shortly before the intersection of 89 we turn a corner and are presented with the wide valley.

What a wide stretch for the eyes!
Chimney Rock - lower right - poking up.



At the far right you notice a dark hill on the horizon. Laramie WY is on the flat land before that hill, about 25 miles away.

Chimney Rock