Saturday, June 11, 2022
Kelly Flats trail

A somewhat last minute call for a trip to the Kelly Flats trail. I was busy in the morning but the afternoon was free - and they wished for an afternoon trip - good timing - I'm in. 

Weather in town was to be mid to high 90's with no rain. Temps up at the trail - 8000 to 8500 feet - more enjoyable.

Start at the eastern trailhead for a counter clockwise circle.

The river's turned on and flowing heavily.

The beginning of the trail

A look at the hill

The undulated section at the base of the hill.

The last section if a bit steep.

Starting late in the day has an advantage of an empty trail. We encountered about five vehicles heading out and only one or two heading in. The chutes was empty except for us. I processed through and we kept moving west.

Blue jeep wished to re-spool the winch and I did too - mine's tended and he's pulling me up the hill re-spooling his.

Forest fire remains from several years back.

At some point they'll start falling / tipping over.