Saturday, July 9, 2022
Trail Cleanup - Barbour Fork

Today is trail cleanup day for the group's two sponsored trails - Devil's Canyon and Barbour Fork. Both are near Idaho Springs Colo. The group typically splits between the trails - 1/2 to each

I-25 Southbound near exit 220 gives a decent "over Denver" view. Today, Pike's Peak, 71 miles distant, can be seen.

Barbour Fork - Things are green (at least for Colorado)

The Camper.
Someone, a few years back, hauled it into the forest and set up camp - and left it. The Forest Service and Sheriff have tagged it and started the paperwork for removal. The group will clean up some of the refuse around the camper.

Toat with many bags of different types of dried beans - many of the bags were opened (some animal looking for food perhaps) and exposed to rain. We put'm back into the bin and stuck the top onto the bin and placed it below the camper.

The bit of spice for the day.

This member was a first time visit to the trail. I asked if he wished to get a photo of the "wheel wave" / "high five" spot - sure. I guided him into the spot and he held it while I took some pictures.

...but then pulling out of the hole it went over. It was turned off in quick order.

Fortunately, poking over the hill, was another group member who volunteered a convenient winch assistance. Sure!  While the Toyota isn't rolling anywhere now, when it gets back onto its wheels, it might roll back (down the hill). He set up for his winch while I moved around to set up a line to pull the Toyota back onto its wheels. Two winches made this a trivial task. The substantial pine tree at the right side of the photo was handy to have.

All set to start pulling.  One line to the front and one to the side.

Me, making use of a downhill (behind me) and a good sized rock.

Pulled down as much as reasonable, time to get in, gently bump the key a few revolutions to see if any oil filled a cylinder (no) and start it up.

In the end - no door dents on the passenger side. No broken glass. The side of the tailgate area did get dented on a rock.

Additional commentary & photos here:

The trail crosses private property. Apparently the property changed ownership and the new owner does not wish to allow public use across - they put up gates at each location. 

No Trespassing signs - which I assume are on public lands trees.

As the gate area has property line survey marker posts.

It was nice when the trail was a convenient loop, but it's the owner's option.

Checking out a different dead end.

heading out

Several items were left at the camper as we knew we'd pass by on the way out - we're stopping to pick up the remaining items.

Bin of smelly beans below the camper

I'm probably getting ONE mile per gallon better fuel consumption than this monster.