Memorial Day, May 27, 2013
Bright Trail (Taylor Mountain) & Miller Rock

Meet up with a bunch of folks from Front Range 4x4 for an enjoyable Memorial Day in the forest. Our first stop was Bright Trail. Most of the trail, including the two fingers pointing to the left, was accessible to the family automobile - graded and clear. The one finger to the right was typical for a trail.

For Miller Rock, we tried to explore the northern / northeastern dead ends as I and others have never been to them. I'd go back for more exploring. There was a nice meadow where the group sat to enjoy lunch and conversation.

Start of Bright Trail

Looking to the South

There had been a fair bit of harvesting done, which is likely why the road was graded. There were two or three of these fields of scrap.

Heading west/northwest on the first of the two westerly fingers.

Click for a larger version

North St. Vrain Creek visible below.

Exploring the "typical trail" at Bright Trail

Over at Miller Rock

Coming up to the first obstacle

Max & Elaine


Dylan and family

Mike & family

There were a couple deer out. One is in the center of the picutre, staring us down.

The northeastly dead ender at Miller Rock

Tom going up the harder path to Miller Rock