Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Spring Snowstorm

A spring snowstorm rolled through Wednesday morning. About 2am I was up and noticed a light rain outside. Seeing outside again at 8am, there was 12" of snow on the ground - and sticking to many vertical surfaces. It is a great snowball / snowman packing snow!

Yesterday, on the drive from Illinois, I had the air conditioning on in the car. Temps outside hit 70F. A great spring day. Less than 24 hours later - a heavy blanket of white.

I well enjoy the spring snows of this region. Warm temps one day with a clean coating of white the next. With warm temps the norm, the new coat will melt away in short order.

Driving south on I-25 between Cheyenne WY and Fort Collins CO

Passing under a highway info sign - impending storm on the way.

With the warm temps, the windshield is coated in bug spats - a first for the coming summer season.

Heavy wet snow sticking to the door.

While high winds were from the North, many faces of vertical walls were coated with sticky snow.

LED stop light lamps - They do not dissipate enough heat energy to melt snow... Look thrice and move slowly.

East/West road - power lines downed but more trucks are needed to extract the chained up power company trucks from the snow filled ditch.

Bird on a snow encapsulated power line.

Horsetooth mountain - top right corner.

The sun's out!