April 9 - 17, 2007
Fort Collins House Hunt

Back in February I visited Colorado to decide upon a city to relocate to. Photos here. The purpose of this trip, knowing that Fort Collins is the selected city, is to find a place to move into.

I-70 about an hour east of Denver

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Just sitting in a residential driveway as I was riding through a neighborhood en-route to view rental house...

An old snow cat.

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Looking east over Fort Collins CO from CR23 / Centennial Drive.

Stove Prarie Road just south of the Rist Canyon Road intersection (about 10 miles west of Fort Collins)

Heading home - unusual, "swept" clouds.

For a section of the trip home (Sutherland NE to Gibbon NE) I took Route 30 / the old "Lincoln Highway" two-lane instead of the Interstate (I-80).

Additional Historic Lincoln Highway information can be found at the road's association

The UP's busy triple-track line runs along with the roadway. Here two Ferromex locomotives are being shuttled from their U.S. manufacturing / repair shop to somewhere in Mexico. Wiki on Ferromex

An original Lincoln Highway bridge remains.

Painted in 2005 by the Overton Boy Scouts Troop

Lincoln Highway

From somewhere in Nebraska...

...to Dixon Illinois

UP tracks - the same that I followed in Nebraska - between Franklin Grove IL and Ashton IL.

Franklin Grove was the just prior home of the Lincoln Highway Association's headquarters and will now be maintained and used for tourist information..

Looking east towards Ashton. The gravel road is more original Lincoln Highway.

Heading east I caught sight of an approaching train in my mirror

Eastbound Train
WMV, 12.1 MB, 1 min 3 sec

That's it. Two trips to Colorado - one to pick a city and one to pick an address. Now for the big job of packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking.