Saturday, March 16, 2019
2019 Anniversary Run - Little Moab

The 4x4 group started in March many years ago. Each March there's an "Anniversary Run". A few days earlier was a large snowstorm / blizzard. We were uncertain as to snow conditions. It was a great day - a good group of folks with great weather.

 6:50 am - Leave Fort Collins
 9:38 am - Arrive trailhad
10:28 am - Start trail
 4:27 pm - End trail
 5:02 pm - Leave trailhead
 8:08 pm - Arrive Fort Collins
242 Miles Total
6.4 Miles Trail
80 minutes - Time to get up the hill

The "Steep Hill" (I have no photos of it) was something we went down as we had a plan to do a counter-clickwise loop and head "out" on Missouri Gulch Trail. Sadly, snow was too deep and we turned back - which forced us to make it up t he steep hill. The hill was perhaps 80 to 100 yards long with a dogleg left about 1/2 way. We were able to get a run at it, which helped, but with late day snow packing to a slick surface, the first in the group would lose momentum, stop - and then slide backwards - all wheels stopped.

The group asked me to work forward (I was about six vehicles back on a single track trail) in hopes that 1) my chains would cut up the slick surface and allow me to get to the top - where I could then attach a strap to the next vehicle - at the highist point it could attain - and pull them the rest of the way up. Some vehicles made it up unassisted but many needed a strap pull.

With good attitudes this was simply an event to complete.

Heading southwest from Sedalia CO

Down along the South Platte River heading towards Deckers.

On the trail - the snow's not too deep here - five to eight inches perhaps.

Little Moab in untracked snow. There are a series of large (for vehicles to navigate) boulders and steps - and holes. Both of the vehicles heading down are stuck - the right is sitting on the frame and the left is spinning in snow. The white jeep, between them, will pull the right Toyota from where it's stuck.

This is my first visit to this trail and I held off navigating the diffucult lines as I don't have any reference to what's under the snow.

Ahhh - untracked trail.

Chains on the front, front and rear differentials locked giving all four wheels equal turning capability - in the flats it was easy going but on the uphills, with drifts, it would take some backing up and pushing forth.

Heading back to the group at the Little Moab obstacle.

Both vehicles are not stuck and have made it down. One of the vehicles wished to try getting up it - far right - they were successful but it took a few tries with a good spotter.

Pike's Peak to our south.

Looking west / northwest.

Where I turned around. In the center of the track you can make out a divot / trench from the bottom of the rear differential - snow up to the axles. It was SLOW going - one foot at a time - back and forth. After pushing this distance, thinking it will be difficult for the group to process - decision to turn around. We hoped to take this trail back to the trailhead - making a loop instead of an out-and-back.

Pike's Peak again.

Weather was GREAT - t-shirt to light coat temps with the warm sun (scant little breeze).

Heading out - warm temps has the packed snow melting quickly.

Old ?Mercury? on the road!