Friday, 2016-10-28
Pierson Park South limb trim

From the visit to Pierson Park South last week, I noticed several downed trees close to the trail. None were blocking the trail, but encroaching enough I thought it would be an enjoyable task to pull them back. Weather looks good (warm, no rain) for Friday - and I don't have anything on the schedule (crossing fingers) - so off to the forest I head.

Through the day I met one couple, with dog, hiking the trail. Curiously they turned around after chatting with me for a minute. I thought it odd. One side-by-side with a couple passed while I was cutting. They must have spent time at the landslide as I was almost off of the trail by the time they came up on me (side-by-sides travel at a faster rate than jeeps, plus I spent 38 minutes removing one tree).

First item... yes, certainly, nothing serious - I'm out to enjoy the day and "do something"...

The process is to snap a picture (start time), lift the hood and connect jumper cables to the battery to power the inverter, unload enough cord to reach the site, grab the chain saw (electric), cut, clean, pack up, snap a picture (end time).

I'm curious as to how much time some of these tasks consume.

This tree could use a bit of additional work. I removed the trailside branches but on the return trip from the end of the trail I stopped and thought - connect the winch and pull the trunk further off trail. It was a long enough day so I kept moving - but it's in the back of my mind.

No before picture. This spot had a trunk across much of the trail, at an angle that would cause some side slip passing over it. This is the one item that is nice to have relocated.

This tree, like some others, had a trunk set for cutting. It didn't need to be cut, but why not - I'm here for fun and to enjoy the day. Some nice trunk sections were cut for easy handling. While there's a fire ban in effect, next spring and eary summer the wood might find a good use.

I could have removed the limbs extending towards the trail - but I kept going and removed all of it.