Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trail - Kelly Flats (partial) & ride-about Red Feather Lakes

The start of the Kelly Flats trail (CO-14 trailhead)

Heart Attack Hill

Working our way up the hill - first step.

Second obstacle set

Yes, it is as steep as it looks.

The last stretch to the top. It has concrete and is easier.

Coming up the last section (the concrete surface)

The clouds are starting to get dark on the bottom.

The group split up at The Chutes, heading back for a water bottle, but not without good discussion.

Back to the concrete slab

On the concrete slab - 23 Degree slope.

Rain in the area.

with more to come.

View to the south from Picken's Point

From the CO-14 Kelly Flats trailhead we headed west on CO-14 to Rustic / Glen Echo and turned north to Red Feather, making a stop at "Picken's Point"

North of Red Feather the skies cleared and we were taking the back road out of the area.

Until we saw a sign for "Lost Lake 1 Mile" It was out of the way but it was close so why not. It was not high on the scenery scale. Perhaps it's more attractive in the spring with higher water.

From Lost Lake the Creedmore Lakes were only 4 or 5 miles further out of the way. Another "why not" and we found our way to the parking area.

A nice jump in the scenery scale.