2011-12-10 Saturday
Bunce School "Profile Photos" trail ride

Meetup with Deanna from FR4x4 for a trip while she photographed her portfolio in select outdoor scenes. The weather today was fantastic - clear, warm (upper 30's), no breeze. A good day to be out!

Elevation Profile - Bunce School

Elevation Profile - Rock Creek (to just a tad uphill from the first creek crossing)

Bunce School
No Wind, Nice Temps, CLEAR blue sky, warm sun... An enjoyable day to be out!

Out at the meadows, slightly before the closed gate and our U-Turn. Photos of the nice scenery first!

Sawtooth Mountain??

Taking of the "Portfolio Photos"

Click for a larger size

Click for a larger size

Click for a larger size

Heading up Rock Creek - deeper snow ahead

Up on Rock Creek, turned around and heading out