Sunday, August 1, 2021
Deer Creek, Webster Pass, Red Cone, Radical Hill, Saints John

Weather had folks cancelling this trip on the original Saturday schedule. Much of the trail is above timberline and with thunderstorms listed to happen - most folks said, no thanks. A smaller group looked at the weather for Sunday and we rolled the dice. Thunderstorms weren't significant odds. In the end - no lightning and generally a nice day to be out.

Far views were a bit hazy so that'll change some of the pictures.

Leaving the trails, aired up and moving on asphalt the time was about 5:30pm. I turned the key at 7am this morning. Home to trailhead was about 2.5 hours, via freeway. If I returned home via freeway, I'd expect to be home about 8pm. I figured, let's take the "in the mountains" two-lane route to home.I'd get to the west entrance gate of Rocky Mountain National Park likely after they collect tolls leaving it a no entrance fee drive over the mountain - to get home about 10 or 10:30pm.

On the way home I saw a kid walking a flat tire bicycle on the shoulder of the road. He was heading WEST while I was heading EAST. I u-turned and asked if he wished a hand. Remove the front wheel of the bike and it fits into the back of the jeep just right. This was about eight miles east of Kremmling. I asked where home was - Steamboat Springs. A mental click - sure, I'll get you home, knowing it'll be a long day.  Head to pillow at 1am.  A good day out.

Overall - 18 hours, 410 Miles with 26 miles and 7h 13m on trails.

Anyone notice the campsite, just in the trees, near the left of the picture...

Looking down the valley from where we came.

Heading up to Webster Pass

Looking over at the Radical Hill trail

Annotation for the trail

Max and Patrick

Above timberline shelf road of Webster Pass

Red Cone - peak to the right

The silver vehicle is at the narrow spot of Webster

Working up Red Cone - melon sized rocks - bumpy

Getting higher on Red Cone

Max coming down from Red Cone 12,801 feet elevation

A bit of snow remaining

Up on Radical Hill, the dall sheep family are often around.

Working over to Saints John

The vista point on Saints John - sketchy cell coverage