Monday (Labor Day), September 4, 2017
Sevenmile Creek & Bald Mountain

The schedule for today is the "Mud Loop". It's a three trail set - Sevenmile Creek, Bald Mountain, Green Ridge. Partway through Bald Mountain we decided to exit early - only to miss the exit and end at the western end of Bald Mountain. Green Ridge will be for a different day. All of the trail riding today will be "in the trees" with scant few expansive views (thus few photos). Bald Mountain - not high on my list for a return visit (I prefer big views). Sevenmile - short enough with some interesting creek and mine activity. Green Ridge - on the list for later.

Heading west, up Colorado 14

Idaho / Canadian Rockies forest fire haze

Not much flow this late in the season

One of the mine sites along Sevenmile

Out of Sevenmile and onto Bald Mountain

A significant difference in how the corners are tended - or in this case - not tended. There is no interconnection from one wall to another.