September 2009
Fuel Pump Access Hatch for the Jeep

One of the mods a jeep can have is an access hatch to the in-tank fuel pump. I'm having issues, again, with the fuel pump so now's the time to cut the hatch. This jeep has a 3" body lift which gives more distance between the top of the fuel tank and underside of the body.

I'm committed now!

The cut-out is not perfectly centered due to reinforcing members on the underside of the body.

The issue (burst fuel line) - easy to solve.

The fault is 100% mine - I didn't verify that small section of fuel line to be fuel-injector system pressure rated.

Some might be looking at the setup while scratching their head. Good eye. This is a 1990 Wrangler that has a Mopar MPFI fuel injector kit on it. The pickup is a hacked together thing (from some prior owner that did the upgrade). I have made subtle improvements to the assembly, but in the end, it's "not factory".

Now to make it so the cut-out can be fastened back into place...

I have some flat stock handy...


All that is needed to access the fuel pump is a standard or Phillips head screwdriver. The two flat bars get double-use as a drift and hammer to loosen the fuel pump retainer ring.