Sunday, December 14, 2014
Sevenmile Creek with a few spurs

I met Evan at the King Sooper's on Taft @ Elizabeth. We left the parking lot at 9am and were on the trail at 10:14 after airing down. We were at the upper clearing / intersection at 10:55am. The trail was fast (after being bladed by the FS last season). Speeds were 9 to 15mph (vs 4-9mph). 12:24pm found us at the exit trailhead with 23 minutes airing up (4min per wheel for me).

Of note, Evan has a central (4-air hoses, connected) deflation / inflation system. His deflate time was the same as it took me to deflate 3 tires. I use the valve core removal method, his did not, but was able to have all four deflating at the same time.

For inflation, his process would have been about the same (25% faster than me) except one air chuck did not seat and released inflation pressure making for each to be the same time.

My tires are 35" and deflated from 24psig to 12psig. Inflation, I simply give them 4 minutes with the air pump (which brings them back to about 24psig).

I was back to home at 2:15pm with 105 miles on the odometer.

Heading up CO-14. Lower elevation was void of white. The Stove Prairie turn-out had a snowplow sitting, waiting.

Starting out on the trail. Overall snow ranged from 1" to 3".

The area is open for Christmas Tree harvesting. Drive out to the forest, walk around the amongst the trees and cut your own. Permits are $10

At the end of one trail were a half-dozen skeletons. Rabbit & bird tracks in the snow around'm.

Looking down at Picken's Point