Saturday, September 19, 2021
Kelly Flats with the H.A.H. Bypass

The 4x4 group wishes to visit Kelly Flats on a late Saturday. This could be quite nice as the weekend crowds should be gone by now. We ended up processing up Heart Attack Hill (HAH) and then circling back on the HAH bypass. We enjoyed the bypass enough that we turned back to run it in the opposite direction instead of heading up HAH again. Shane, the black Mercedes, recently installed Tibus bolt-on portal axle adapters. These offer a four to five inch lift - raising the solid axles up without performing a suspension lift. With 38" tires, it cleared a large rock in the middle of the trail that I and another jeep had to drive around. It is interesting to see portal axles in action.

An unusual item for the day...

The Cache LaPoudre River is a water flow managed river and the levels can change dramatically. Today the flow was quite low. Higher up the canyon there was a roadside sign stating first responders are at work. At several locations up the river groups of people (fire department / ambulance folks) were out walking the river. I believe they are searching for one or two bodies from the flash flood a month ago - a flash flood that swept away a couple houses with people inside. Some of the family members survived but as I recall news from back then - a couple people were yet to be found. I'm thinking today, with the ability to have low water levels, was a search day. I hope they were successful, if that was the task.

106 Miles
7h 20m

Trail only
13.3 Miles
2h 57m

17 min - air down
23 min - air up

Nearing the rock tunnel. Not much water flowing.

A private bridge over the river. I do not know if there is a cabin on the other side.

You'll see a few "boring" shots of the underside / clearance capabilities of this vehicle. It has the portal axle adapters mentioned above.

There is a housing community in the area. This group of houses look poor on the barren hillside - though not having pine trees around them spared them from the forest fire of last summer.

Heart Attack Hill
It is reasonably steep with some exposure. Should a sideways roll start, it could roll down the hillside. So just don't roll and all is good.

A simple stuck - nothing a subtle pull won't fix.

Starting down the bypass

Jeep on the left is decently capable for Colorado trails. The Mercedes is up a solid notch.

A nice afternoon!

This rock - the jeeps had to drive around...

Pennock Pass
Looking east

Looking west