Trail cleanup for Barbour Fork & Devil's Canyon

The trail group has at least two trails it sponsors. Part of the sponsorship is a spring and fall trash collection so today's goal is spring cleanup for trash that people left behind. The group initially met near Idaho Springs and divided up with one set tending Devil's Canyon while the group I was in tended Barbour Fork.  

While we were there to collect all trash, most of the trash is not "alongside" the trail but rather at the spots people visit - back country camping sites and popular target practice & firing sites (it would be great if shooters would spread a drop cloth to make it easy to collect cases themselves). We collected assorted aluminum cans, glass bottles (after seeing all of the broken glass - never go bare foot in the forest), pounds of firearm cases, mostly brass, along with a few unfired cartridges, a decently sized CRT TV (likely set for target practice then left behind), a damaged automotive battery, and other misc refuse.

After processing Barbour Fork our mission was complete but there was still a fair bit of daylight left. Some in the group had to head out but three of us decided to visit Devil's Canyon since we were close. While I think I saw only one tent at Barbour Fork, Devil's Canyon had several as it offers nicer views.

I'd visit both again with a lean towards Devil's Canyon as the views seemed a bit more open. Neither trail was overly difficult.

Starting out at Barbour Fork

Heading up to the first camping area. A couple people were out target shooting.

Area walked and cleaned, we head to spot #2.

On the way there is a hill with one obstacle where if you dip the right rear wheel into the hole, your left front will be a few feet into the air. The uphill vehicle is right about at the spot.

Wheel Wave
MPEG-1, 1.7MB, 12 seconds

A nice view out.

The grey item to the right of the light green aspen strip looks like a castle on the hillside (but not).

I'm told this meadow is a section of private property

Click for a larger size

We're now over at Devil's Canyon

A view to the south, somewhat in the direction of Mount Evans, showing the trail partly visible bottom center of the photo.

A somewhat typical section of below timberline trail. A bit of a pine-tree-canyon which does not offer grand "views out".


Chris heading over and down.

Click for a larger size

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While the state is rather dry, it was curious to see this wet section of trail. It looked like a hillside spring.

Out from Devil's Canyon I was on my way home and saw two high-school / young college kids thumbing it down the road. I stopped and asked what's up and they said they were having problems getting ahold of their parent's in town. I made space and we headed to town. Chatting along the way they commented that hopefully their campsite wouldn't be stolen. We turned back so they could pack their site and while they were packing I started clicking... Highway 103's to the right with a camping area to the left. A nice mountain stream flowing below me.

While they have been in Colorado for a bit, one said he was from Louisiana. My comment was that food was likely nowhere near as good as Louisiana and the comment came back about chicken. He said there just isn't any good chicken here like there is back home.