February 2009
Mountain clouds, Rocky Mountain National Park, Misc items

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Mountain Clouds, Elk
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Mountain clouds

At the western end of the plains we typically have full days of blue sky. Occasionally, over the mountains, clouds can persist all day long. They are flowing east, rolling over and around the peaks, but dissappear where the mountains end.

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It was a Friday afternoon at the end of a busy week. The weather in the mountains was calling for spotty snow with high winds. It has been a while since I was up at Rocky so I decided to grab the camera for a quick jaunt up.

Coming into the town of Estes Park. Mostly blue sky with some clouds whipping over the mountains. Some light snow with a fair bit of blowing snow.

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Elk on the south side of the road. This is perhaps 1/2 of the heard.

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Looking south across Beaver Meadow

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Near the Hidden Valley rest stop, looking north towards 12,000 and 13,000 foot tall snow capped peaks

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Traffic jam

Awaiting the heard of Elk to decide if they all wish to be on the North side of the road or the South side.

Down from Estes Park I exited the Big Thompson Canyon and decided to take the scenic route to Fort Collins. I caught this roadside marker and stopped. I imagine this tunnel was hand dug. It's about 1/4 mile long, short by regional tunnel lengths

Handy Ditch Tunnel

Turning west from the Handy Ditch Tunnel we're looking up the Big Thompson River Canyon and notice a straight line crossing the landscape. We're looking at one of the Colorado-Big Thompson (CBT) project components - the Horsetooth Supply Canal that carries water from the Flatiron Reservoir to the Horsetooth Reservoir. Water control in this high desert landscape is a significant issue.

Crescent moon with Venus and an airplane heading west

There is an advantage to living far enough away from the mountains so that you can see the whole vista they provide. If you live too close you see only the first hill and not the larger mountains beyond it - and the weather that rolls over them.

Snow capped peaks
from I-25 between Fort Collins and Loveland

From I-25 at the Johnstown CO exit / CO-60

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Farther south on I-25 (was driving to see family near Denver), lookning west near Mead CO. Oil / gas well drilling is somewhat common.