Feb 17, 2008
Cameron Pass with Snow Flocked Pine Trees

Out for a Sunday ride. A few days back I heard that Route 14 was closed at Cameron Pass (10276 ft) due to an avalanche. It must be open by now - Let's see how big it was!

Most of the trip was on clear and dry roads. Up higher the snow was deeper and the road was coated with snow.

Over the pass and heading down the western slope. The weather looks ominous though what is there is spotty and thinly veiled.

The trees were well coated with fresh white powder. While no photos of the outdoor activity people are in the set - each pull-out had a good handful of cars. People with snowboards hiking to a favorite hill.

See, there is blue sky about

I've turned back and am heading up the western slope.

Two of the three avalanches. The farthest slide is likely what closed the highway for a day or two. It was smaller than I imagined it would be.

The slide and where it came from.


About 10 miles later, down from the top, the roads were clear and dry with little snow at the sides.