Sunday, September 30, 2019
Pole Hill Sunset

Friday was an open-schedule, cool, cloudy, rainy day - good for getting paperwork - but it didn't happen. A few calls came in and I was able to tend them (I'll easily put off paperwork) and before I knew it the day was over. I wasn't in much of a mood to get my paperwork done that evening. Saturday was supposed to be a trail cleanup day. I said I wouldn't attend and I spent Saturday tending paperwork - with a beautiful weather day outside. It was good getting paperwork tended and having the issue off of my mind.

Sunday was an even nicer day (a tad warmer) and I thought - how about an afternoon at Pole Hill with a thought at catching a sunset over the mountains. I checked with some folks to see if they'd be interested in going (some were interested - but couldn't). In the end, the passenger seat went empty.

I cleaned the jeep of excess leaves from the chuch parking lot cleanup, filled the gas tank, and headed to Glen Haven's General Store for a snack (THE BEST cinnamon rolls in the area).Walking into the store, the shelves were a bit bare. A comment to the gent at the counter - this is their last day for the season. Hmmm - OK. Cherry Cobbler with ice cream for here and a cinnamon roll for the road. No milk - they're out. No fork - they're out.

Up on the trail (no bother to air down the tires - just get the windshield down) traffic was out but not too heavy. Two jeeps, one pickup, one pickup based tour vehicle with a full group. Aspen colors are looking promising. I was enjoying the beautiful weather and being solo - no concerns for stopping at this, that, and the other thing (SQUIRREL!).

A goal turned to catching a sunset. I headed to the nice campsite / rock outcrop / vista point spot and got comfortable - and enjoyed the cinnomon roll. The dry air was not being nice to the soft roll and frosting.

Several sunset pics, some texts (a rare trail that has cell coverage) and a phone call rounded out a good sunset.

On highway 36, westbound towards Estes Park where I'd connect over to Highway 34 to head back to Loveland, I caught a glimpse of a pedestrian with a bike walking along the eastbound shoulder. No lights and hardly any reflector to make them stand out to the near constant line of cars heading out of the mountains back to front range towns. I was able to turn about and ask if they wished a ride. Fortunately there was a nice slow-moving-traffic-pull-out available. With the top off of the jeep it was simplistic to put the bike in the back and strap it to the roll bar. The kid was headed to Boulder. He said he had been hotel front desk clerk/manager for the summer but had been laid off (end of tourist season). He tried to get a ride from a local but it fell through. He'd be safer in the jeep than walking on the next-to-zero shoulder of the busy highway. A good ride offered.

From Boulder it was a direct route home. Top off of the jeep - it's much more comfortable rolling at highway speeds (in the flat areas).

A customary stop at the Glen Haven General Store for a snack. On the way this time as they'll be closed by the return trip. I walked in and the shelves were somewhat bare. After a comment - this is our last day for the season. Hmmm... I'll splurge - cherry cobler now with a cinnamon roll for later.

Near the start of the Pole Hill trail - perhaps the most difficult obstacle. Left side for the easy route - center for the larger rocks.

Aspen colors might be in good color today.

Out to the meadow with mountain views.

Hmmm - what's up - utility pole maintenance access or campers?

The jeep's smelling more than typical. Evap canister is up to something.

Same view - adjusting for a brighter exposure.

Out at the nice viewpoint for the sunset.
Now to kick back for the show.

And that cinnamon roll.
Eat quickly as the dry air is detrimental to'm.

Click for a larger size

Longs Peak to the southwest.

Mount Meeker (I think - just "to the left" / east of Longs Peak).

Out at "the notch" chatting with family.