Saturday, Aug 16, 2014
First visit to the Peak 10 trail near Brekenridge and the Mosquito Pass trail near Leadville.

Meet up with several others in the jeep group to visit two trails. I've never visited either as yet so with good weather today looks to be a nice day.

Start of Peak 10's trail at the ski lodge area in Brekenridge Colorado. Many of the ski runs are on Forest Service (public) lands.

Most are familiar with what the ski runs are like in the winter time. Seeing them in the summertime, void of snow, is an unusual thing for me.

Out for a hike

There is a man-made structure just below the peak (right ridgeline). Perhaps some day I'll have an opportunity to visit it for a view in the opposite direction.

A good mix of clouds today!

Looking down on Brekenridge and one of the mountainside buildings.

Above timberline.

The man-made structure can be seen in this photo too. It seems to be not much more than a roof.

High on the mountain, with scant snow remaining on this late summer's day, there's still flowing water from the remaining snow.

Our destination. In the center of the photo is a relay station. I assume Peak 10 is to the right edge of the photo.

I'm curious as to the history of the structure as there does not look to be mining activity in the area.

View to the northwest.

View to the southeast.

A bit more to go.

Even this late in the summer there's enough snow that most folks decided to not risk a slip-slide to trek to the peak.

Always nice to find a parking spot where the jeep can't free-roll off of a mountain.

Old relay room.

(click for a much larger size)

(click for a much larger size)

Head'n down with Mosquito Pass on our minds.

A good day for a hike.

Back at timberline
A view over town.

Start of the Mosquito Pass area photos

The London Mill

An old tram to haul ore over the ridge to the mill.

Tram cable.

(click for a larger size)

End of the road for low clearance vehicles.

Looking down to the first buildings.

We didn't poke about the mine structure.

(click for a larger size)

Hmmm - a trail heading up the other side of the valley (I believe it does not go over any ridge).

A classic mountain vista.

Opposing traffic - not too common on many trails though this is a through trail that was a stagecoach route servicing Leadville, the mines, and Fairplay CO.

View to the east/southeast.

Relay station on the peak to the north.

Heading down to Leadville


Power lines crossing the mountains.

Still maintained and in use.