Sunday, March 6, 2022
Bunce School Road - in the snow

It has been a few months since the last trail ride and winter is coming to a close. I wished to get out once more to enjoy some winter white. Where the Midwest just enjoyed some high 60's / low 70's for temps (along with deadly tornado's in Iowa) a cold front is rolling through here - to last about a week. Today, Sunday, looked the best for snowfall so three of us in the 4x4 group met to travel Bunce School Road.

In town, we had only about 1.5" of snow - fluffy with little moisture - but it coated the trees wonderfully. Much of the day was under cloudy sky with on and off snow showers - a nice mixture to be out enjoying some white.

In town - mostly white roads.

US-36 between Lyons and Estes Park

On the trail - camera through the windshield - odd colors

Opening the door so no windshield to distort colors.

We traveled to the south end of Bunce. By where I call "the meadows" there are, typically, large snowdrifts. This first drift was about four feet tall - but it was mostly hard snow (we had WARM temps the last week or two and this changed the snow from powder to a crust on top - with sugar snow below).

Down to the next drift area. Each of the other folks tried to get over it - nope. Each was winched back to firm ground.

There is a second trail, called Ironclads, that starts off of Bunce. It is typically more difficult in the snow. We went and tried. The ledge was wholly drifted over and the uphill for a counter-clockwise visit was as well deeply snowed in. I called it a day to head home.

Beautiful snow covered trees!

It's very rare for the jeep to be on snowy roads. I photo'd some of the snow slush.