V-65 Motor Run
October 10 - 12, 2006

This is the V-65 "Motor Run". If you've been following along you know that Ken and I took a little trip and my bike decided to eat a cam and rocker arm. While quite noisy it was reliable and made the trip home without issue. Info on the trip is here and info on the cam issue is here. Shortly after these events one gent, David, on the SabMag mailing list advertised that he's selling off some of his bikes and MOTORS. While I don't need a whole motor I decided to go that route anyway. His motor has a good top end and is, in general, in better shape (fewer miles) than mine.

With a decision to buy his motor, and commit to a trip to northeast Georgia, I added to the group that I would be doing said traveling and that if anyone else is buying something from him that I could help deliver it - if somewhat along my way. Ed popped in and said - sure! He was buying a motor too and was mostly on the way.

Not wanting to stop there I also contacted some relatives who are very close to the pickup point - gotta stop in and say hello! Topping off the list are two other stops - Olney Illinois for their famed "white squirrels". While we didn't get any photos of the white squirrels Dad did pick up a couple special coffee mugs for Mom. The other stop would be Bowling Green Kentucky. Many already know what's there. The Corvette Museum and Assembly Plant Tour. The tour was well worth the stop (if you're interested in seeing how cars are assembled). Unfortunately photos are not allowed in the assembly plant so only a few of the museum are posted.

There was a fair bit of driving - about 1800 miles over three days. The first and last day would have more miles and the middle day fewer miles.

Ride Reports
Pictures, video, a few notes
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Date Destination Miles Notable Items
Oct 10, Tue Chattanooga, TN 686
Oct 11, Wed Knoxville, TN 360 Relatives, GA 60 & 180
Oct 12, Thu Rockford, IL 769
Corvette Museum