Nov 10, 2013 (Sunday)
Pole Hill with Chris, Eric, Rob

Meet up with Chris, Eric & Rob for a trip to the Pole Hill trail. It was a nice day.

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Excitement for the day
(no flop or roll, thankfully)

The "Yellow Jeep"
Another couple that was out on the trail today.

Traveling up US-36 from Lyons. The road, from the past flooding, open a few days ago. Where you see black asphalt - that is new from washout conditions. There is still a fair bit of refuse to tend.

The clean, rocky areas is where the floodwaters carried debris down the canyon.

One of the large, substantial road washouts.

On the Pole Hill trail. Wonderful snow capped peaks to our west.

The first (of three) sections of unpassable trail.

We contemplated "chopping down" the side sections that intruded into the center section of the trail - wasn't to happen.

Hip deep ledge we'd want to chop down then drive down.

Nice views from the spot!

Up past the eroded section, into the trees.

A few hundred feet prior there was a decent tree across the trail. The electric chain saw made nice work of it.

Out to the east/southeast.

The mud pits. We have to process this section twice as the trail ahead, we had yet to learn, was blocked with a HUGE tree along with severe erosion.

Decisions as to which way to travel.

Thread between the big, long water hole (covered with 2" ice), the swampy area, and a smaller water hole.

Eric's through.

Chris's turn.

Rob's turn.

A bit of mud spray.

Rob pushing ice chunks in the long water hole.

Another trail jeep, yet to have a license plate put onto it and it's out on the trails (I do assume it's a used vehicle).

Yellow Jeep, sitting, a bit high centered, at the deep end of the long water hole.

The second eroded section. Just into the trees is a ~2' diameter tree across the trail.

Looking west to Estes Park

Rob bent some of the body.