Friday, October 9, 2015
Kelly Flats & Sevenmile Creek

Met up with Alex and his friend visiting from ?Mississippi?. We ran all of Kelly Flats, including the Chutes. From Kelly, we went down to Sevenmile Creek and added that to the list.

Kelly Flats, listed via, is a low end 3 and high end 8 on a 10 scale. Much of the trail is rather easy. The "8" rating comes from Heart Attack Hill and "The Chutes". Both are optional. The bypass for The Chutes is a county road right at the obstacle where it would be quicker to take the bypass. The bypass for Heart Attack Hill is longer and I've heard still fairly difficult. That one item I have yet to travel.

Heading up the Poudre Canyon

First look of Heart Attack Hill. There are three difficult sections for it today. The small hump in the bottom right corner is the first obstacle, the second is the main section with the third the final pitch to the top (there's a ledge to get up where the concrete slab meets the soil - the soil has eroded away).

Some nice views! 

First touch of visible snow on a peak to the south - Rocky Mountain National Park area.

Some of the Aspen trees are in fine condition (it's a bit past peak).

Alex working up "The Chutes"

Working the trail - this section west of The Chutes (most of the trail) I have yet to travel.

Find the two moose...

Sitting at the western trail head for Kelly Flats.

Out on Sevenmile Creek