Sunday, May 21, 2023
Rock Creek, Bunce School Road, T-33

Isak and I met in Lyons and traveled to some local trails. We didn't have much of a plan but ended up trying Rock Creek as we heard it was impassable. Why - snow or a deadfall tree?  From there we headed south on Bunce School Road - with the belief that the south gate was closed / locked and we'd have to backtrack. Nearing the south end a `79 CJ-7 heading the other way said the gate was open. This meant we could visit the T-33 trail - an airplane crash site. After those trails we called it a day and headed home.

Weather was wonderful - warmer temps are enjoyed.

Heading up the Saint Vrain canyon - southwest from Lyons Colo

Up on the Peak to Peak Hwy
Mount Meeker / Longs Peak (I believe)

The start of Rock Creek trail.

A first spot of snow. How much will there be?

Yep - snow.

Water water everywhere.
Streams are flowing, puddles all around, water working down the mountainside.

The first spot that took a couple tries.

...and this will be the end of the trail for Rock Creek. The tree branches on the right side of the trail push us left into the deeper snow. Isak took a few stabs and tossed the towel to me. This is one area where locking differential were helpful - passenger side tires on the mostly clear ground with driver side tires in the slippery snow.

I made it, after a few tries, to the clearing at the far end of the trail. Once I saw where the trail turned (left, uphill) I know that would be the end for this trail - deep snow.

I had driven up through the section and Isak is making another try. We turned around and headed out.

This is too deep - maybe in a week or two with a bit more melt.

Heading down and out I went a bit too deep - stuck.

A short pull - out...

Somewhere on Bunce

Isak wondered how deep the water was on some of the puddles.

Near the south end of Bunce

Park Creek - on the way to T-33

One of the wings. Landing gear with brake rotor.

Looking across the valley to the Miller Rock.  Three miles distant. A couple people sitting atop the rock.

At Camp Dick - the gate for the Middle Saint Vrain trail - not yet open.

Leaving Camp Dick

Rolling down Hwy 7 towards Lyons.